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Original Watercolour Paintings

Looking for the perfect watercolour painting as a gift for a friend? Want to brighten up your home or office? You’ll find a large variety of watercolours in our collection to suit all tastes.

Watercolour artists tend to use a very different application technique to oil painters. Their paints are portable, allowing for some beautiful landscapes to be painted en plein air, making the sunny scenes of rural Britain and Europe a popular choice. The colours blend well, giving the artist the option for different stylistic approaches, such as the bright, broad brushstrokes of the impressionist or the very controlled, detailed techniques of more traditional painters.

Watercolours tend to be on a smaller scale than oil paintings and are generally painted on a special absorbent paper. The colour comes from a powdered pigment that is mixed with water and a binder to hold it together, such as gum arabic. The water content of the paint makes it very translucent, giving it a very recognisable matte appearance. A good watercolourist can use this to the greatest effect, either by creating soft outlines and hazy washes or by overcoming the ‘wateriness’ of the medium to create paintings in minute detail and brilliant colours.

Our collection showcases a large variety of styles and techniques, whilst also offering works of different sizes to suit every display purpose and price range.

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