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Original Impressionist Art

Impressionist art was predominantly a French artistic movement of the nineteenth-century that is said to have begun with the painting Impression: Sunrise (1872) by Claude Monet. The Impressionist style is very recognisable, with fast, heavy brushstrokes that are completely at odds with the more detailed, traditional method of painting that went before. Impressionist works tend to be vibrant and colourful, depicting leisure scenes and sunny landscapes. 

The Impressionists of the nineteenth century often painted scenes of the everyday life of the bourgeoisie. This was because oil paints became more portable and artists were able to paint 'on the spot,' allowing for greater naturalism but with a need for a more hurried 'impression' of the unfolding scene. From Renoir's boating parties to Degas's ballerinas, the emerging middle classes were represented enjoying their leisure pursuits in a bustling and colourful Paris. 

Impressionism has been incredibly popular amongst artists ever since and our collection showcases a variety of works in this style from the nineteenth-century to the present day.

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