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Original Abstract Art

Abstraction is a move away from reality and representation. Rather than painting exactly what they see, the abstract artist makes marks and gestures on the paper that may or may not represent a real object. The Cubism practiced by Picasso was a form of abstraction. Picasso would take an object or a figure and paint it from all angles, putting all the viewpoints together to create a very strange looking composition that was not a truthful representation of the object in the real world. This is representational abstraction that still relied on the visual world for its initial inspiration. 

Later artists practiced pure abstraction, where the marks they made on the paper or canvas had no relation to any tangible object in the real world. One such artist was Piet Mondrian, whose linear, geometric compositions took Cubism one step further towards a total departure from representation. These are the paintings that make the viewer question the inspiration for the piece or interpret it in a very personal manner.

You can find all the abstract art in our collection on this page. 

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